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New Outdoor Bootcamp starts 24th June 2013 at Club Whitford Wexford

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Are you still trying to get fit and toned for the summer but wondering  if  bootcamp is suitable for you??

Well what if we told you there was a no-fuss, exciting way to work out that keeps you limber and moving with ease, while at the same time burns fat and builds functional strength? What if we told you that these workouts are shorter and more efficient than pounding the roads doing long monotonous runs and what if we also told you that we are bringing TRX CLASSES TO OUR NEXT BOOTCAMP would this appeal to you, given their popularity I’d say the answer is YES!!

As we speak our instructors are chomping at the bit in anticipation and excitement awaiting the arrival of our new TRX suspension & Strength Building Equipment but rest assured our instructors promise it will be worth the wait for an even more toned beach body!!

So now.... together with our usual array of spinning, kettlebells & circuit classes and our ever popular kickass and military workouts, we are delighted to introduce TRX suspension training. This ground-breaking training system has been adopted and trusted by the most demanding exercisers including pro athletes, physical therapists and all branches of the military.

Exercisers of every fitness level can benefit from this highly efficient and effective bodyweight training method. Designed by a former Navy Seal, these versatile pieces of equipment are the best way to use your bodyweight for fat loss, dynamic flexibility and incremental strength gain.

At the 6 week outdoor bootcamp you will have access to 66 classes and with the cost starting from €79 this works about than €1.20 per class which is excellent value as you also have access to the gym and pool for 6 weeks.

How much does it cost?

€79 for Club Whitford members 

€89 for returning bootcamp members

€105 for non members  

Presentation Thursday 20th at 6.15pm.

Still need convincing? Why not join us at our presentation meeting  on Thursday 20th at 6.15pm where the guys will explain what happens at bootcamp in more depth and just to prove they’re not all bad this will be followed with your first bonding session at our members BBQ at 7pm.

Don’t forget to call 053 91 40404 to book your place!

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