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Body Transformation Update

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Day 1:

Joann’s starting weight was 76.1kg (12 stone) with a body-fat percentage of 34.3%. If she follows my plan I expect her to lose about 6-8% body fat over the coming weeks. We do not want Joann to lose any muscle while on this programme. In fact we want her to gain some. That is not to say the scales won’t go down, it will, but any weight lost we want to be body fat.

Joann will be taught everyday life changes that, if implemented, will lead to fat loss that stays lost. 

Before we had even started I had chatted to Joann about what was necessary for her to complete her transformation. I told her this could only work if she was 100% committed. Once we had decided that she was ready, we started with talking about changes to her eating habits.

On reviewing her food diary we both saw where the main problems with her weight gain lay. Joann herself pointed out that she was probably eating too much bread and didn’t need me to tell her that the junk food snacks would have to go! 

Because we have a relatively short time frame for this transformation, just 42 days, the changes to Joann’s diet would have to be complete. It was a total overhaul. I wanted Joann to consume much more protein and much less processed carbohydrates. In fact we agreed that she would cut out all processed food for the first two weeks. We also added to this lots of healthy fats, and we had a plan to work forward with.

The hardest change for most people is to include some unprocessed protein for breakfast.

The feeling of satiety that comes from protein and fats will help keep her blood-sugar level balanced and so prevent overeating at later meals. It will also set her up psychologically to eat well for the rest of the day.

By contrast, a breakfast that is high in processed carbohydrates will lead to low blood sugar, tiredness and ultimately more cravings and bad food choices.
Joann’s training programme will consist of 3 sessions of weight training in the gym with me and she will also perform high intensity intervals, usually outside if the weather is good. She has given a commitment to exercise five times per week.

Day 7:

We are a week in to our transformation and I must say that Joann has been superb. She has really embraced the whole concept of lifestyle change and I know that she can really succeed if she continues this way.

The weight training that she is doing is a version of a programme called German Body Composition. Basically, it is alternating a lower body resistance exercise and an upper body one for a high number of reps with short rest periods between sets. She has also been performing a lot of single arm and single leg exercises with the goal of trying to correct any strength differences or imbalances between limbs. 
We have combined this with high intensity interval training. This is much more effective for changing the body than steady state aerobic exercise. 

If you go for a jog for an 1 hour then your body will burn calories for that hour alone. If you perform sprint intervals then you will burn calories for up to 48 hours after!

As well as this the longer you train for the more stress you put your body under and high stress levels are not conducive to fat loss. So for Joann’s weight training we keep her sessions under 45 minutes and for intervals usually under 15 minutes!
With regard results Joann is flying. I can already see the difference in her appearance and the scales, measuring tape and body fat callipers say the same. All her readings are down and will continue to move that way if she sticks to her plan.

Next week I will update you on how Joann’s weight and body fat % have changed after 2 weeks on the programme as well as giving you Joann’s take on how things are going. 

Day 14:

2 weeks in to the transformation and Joann is still giving 100%. At the start her body weight was 76.1kg with 26.1 kg of body fat. Now after just 14 days Joann weighs 73kg with 22.05kgs of body fat. 

Put simply this means that Joann has lost 4.05kgs (almost 9lbs) of body fat in just 2 weeks!

This result is fantastic for two weeks of tremendous effort from Joann and I now want her to push herself even harder in the gym to make sure that she maintains this level of progress for the next 4 weeks and beyond.


Joann’s view:
After having a baby last October I felt very unfit as I hadn’t kept up exercise during my pregnancy and I found that I couldn’t fit back into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Added to this the fact that over Christmas I had eaten very badly, I really was struggling to get back on track into a regular healthy eating and exercise regime.
With a small baby at home I had now convinced myself I had to rely on quick and easy food like toast while snacking on junk food like chocolate. I needed something to change and when I saw what John was offering I knew that it would be what I needed to get my motivation back on track.

Before I started the 6 week programme I had to keep a food diary which John went through with me. It was no surprise to be told that I was eating far too many processed carbs and junk food and not enough protein.

We also chatted about why I was unhappy with being overweight and unfit and what I would have to do to get where I wanted to be. 

John told me that I would need to overhaul my diet completely to get the results that I wanted. This would include eating unprocessed meat and nuts for breakfast which came as a bit of a shock! 

For these first 2 weeks I have not been allowed to eat any processed carbohydrates and it has been tough to stick to at times, but I tried on an old pair of jeans the after 10 days on the diet and it fit me again so I am committed to see this out to the end!
The gym sessions are really intense and I am feeling it for days afterwards but the natural high that I feel following a session and the sense of accomplishment makes it completely worth it.

14 days in and I know I won’t give in to the voice that tells me to quit when it gets tough because I want this to be a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix. It’s great though because I already feel stronger, fitter and much happier in myself!!


Day 21:

Joann is now down 4.8Kgs (almost 11lbs!!) of body fat and only 3 weeks into her journey......

Week three is over. This is the half way point. Joann has continued to lose body fat again this week but it was not at the same rate of the previous two. This is to be expected. In an ideal world every week you would lose the same amount of pounds for the same amount of work but this is not what happens in reality. I’ve told Joann that I am completely happy with how her results are going (which by the way was another 2 pounds of body fat gone for good!). 

For the first three weeks I had told Joann to not be worried about the amounts of food she was eating. Her appetite would control when and how much she ate and as long as it was from the list of foods I had given her this was ok. 

After three weeks of consuming good food Joann now seems to be embracing this new way of eating. I have told her to try to eat a little more food even if she feels full because this is not to be a low calorie diet by any means. 

In the gym we have really stepped things up a gear. Just when Joann’s body was starting to adapt to her programme we changed it to keep things challenging. The weights she lifts have increased and the rest times in between her sets have decreased. 

Day 28:

At this week’s assessment Joann’s body weight was 71.8kg with 20.4kg of this being body fat. This gives Joann a new body fat reading of 28.4%. This is down 5.9% on when she started and is right on her target of losing 1-1.5% body fat per week that we set at the start.

Joann has now been training with me for 4 weeks. She is getting fitter and stronger with each passing session. In the gym we make sure to keep things changing. I want Joann to leave each day knowing that she has improved by at least 1-2%. These small changes each time will add up over the long run and they can easily be seen through the progressions with her exercises.

On day one Joann struggled to perform her reps with just her own body weight on her split squats. She can now blast through them holding 16kg of extra weight! Progression of your exercise like this is vital to your success. I see a lot of people in the gym performing the same routine day in day out with no change to exercises or weights lifted wondering why they get no results.

It is very simple: If you don’t challenge your body it will not make any changes and you remain the same. So if you want to make positive changes to your body you must push it that little bit further each time you train.

If you would like to take action and get yourself in great shape for the summer (and the rest of your life!!) then drop me an email today: You won’t regret it!

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