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Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Summer

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During the summer when the kids are off school, routines go hay wire! With nothing to do after a few days in the garden playing with friends, some kids head straight for the refrigerator or sweet press because they think they're hungry when they're actually just bored. 

Add in regular ice cream stops on a hot summer night and fast food after a day out and you've got the recipe for a summer-long bad-eating binge! Sweet treats are part of summer's fun, but only when eaten in moderation.

That vicious cycle of poor eating habits leads to weight gain and to help avoid this, we have some great tips to keep your kids fit and active this summer with the help of our team of chefs and Club Whitford fitness instructors :) 

Get enough sleep. Studies already show that late nights and sleeping in are known risk factors for weight gain. It's okay for your child to stay up a little bit later during the shorter summer nights, but keep on hand late-night snacks rich in nutrients like yogurt, crunchy roasted nuts or fruit.

Take a holiday from fast food. Kids crave fast food but that doesn't mean you should park your family at the nearest McDonald's every day! Trade chips and big macs for picnics at the park or beach. Take a pass on the chipper and instead, pack some healthy alternatives like turkey sandwiches or light salads. Looking for some kids meal ideas? Check out our kids menu here

Limit the sweet stuff. Fairs, beaches and circuses - they're magnets for candly floss, cones and slushies. Of course we're not saying to cut out all of life's treats but make sure to balance the good with the bad. Likewise, when you're hot and thirsty, keep fruit juices and sodas to a minimum, and opt instead for thirst-quenching water. 

Keep active! Kids summer camps are the perfect way to keep your kids healthy and active both physically and mentally this summer. Kids camps are proven to stimulate creativity and interaction with other kids helps keep minds sharp through summer. Throw in some fun in the sun and you're on to a winner! For more information on Club Whitford's summer camps, click here

If you have any more helpful tips you think should be included, feel free to add them in the comment box underneath! 
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