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Common Question - How Do I Not Eat Chocolate

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by Robbie Mansfield, Gym Instructor at Club Whitford 

I often hear ''I would be fine if I just stopped eating chocolate''.

The best way to not eat chocolate is to not have it in your house to start with. If a food is in your house you will have to say no each time you walk by the press instead of saying no once in the shop. 

Second, you want to manage your blood sugar by eating small frequent protein and veg based meals so you don't get a blood sugar dip and kickstart cravings for dairy milk. 

Third you want to take in adequate nutrients from your food by eating whole foods that are not overcooked. 

People who are overweight can be undernourished because eating low quality food with no nutrients leaves your body wanting more all the time. Eat real food and you won't crave as much. 

Eating chocolate once in a while won't kill you though, just like eating broccoli once a year won't get you lean! If you eat some don't beat yourself up enjoy it and move on!

Look at the bigger picture: if 90% of the time you make solid choices but are still not successful with changing your body then you need to be stricter to get where you wanna be. If you have moderate goals moderation is fine but tougher goals require more commitment. 

If you would like to change your lifestyle, check out our latest 6 week L.E.A.N. Academy transformation programme starting June 23rd. 

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