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L.E.A.N. Academy Day 36

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So it’s the final week of this L.E.A.N. Academy. The group can't believe that there are only a few days left before the end. The time has really flown by!!

Every person in the group has come a long way from the beginning. They are all fitter and stronger and training harder than ever.

Your training sessions should never feel easy no matter how fit you are. This is especially true when it comes to programmes aimed towards changing body composition.

You must look at each rep of each set as a chance to force your body to change. 

If you used 12 kg DBs on your last workout and got 10 reps then you MUST give everything you have to get 11 reps this workout. 

If you get all you reps, for all your sets with your 12 kg DB then the next workout you MUST increase the weight. 

This is vital as your training has to be progressed each and every workout for your body to feel the need to make changes.

It is ok for you to fail (i.e. not get all your reps) as this just means you have reached your limits for that day.

It's ok to feel nauseous when doing this type of training as this just means you have pushed yourself that extra bit hard.

Just as it is very acceptable to make grunting/groaning noises while training as this says you are making an effort to do something you have never done before! 

One thing you will learn quite quickly when you start to train consistently in a gym is that no body else is watching what you are doing. They only care about what they are doing themselves. 

So forget about your insecurities, get in there and attack your training sessions with all the effort you have! 

You will see that the results will follow.


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