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L.E.A.N. Academy Testimonials

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With L.E.A.N. Academy drawing to a close, the participants look back on just how much they have achieved over the last 6 weeks. 



The 6 week L.E.A.N Academy was great value for money and I really enjoyed the variety in the programme, both in terms of activities and the benefit of the expertise from different instructors. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing a kick start to a healthier lifestyle. 
I’m sorry the programme is over – I’d like to do another 6 weeks! I had no problem getting up early each morning to go to the class!  For me personally the last 6 weeks were packed with so many social events! Usually I wouldn’t have a quarter of the things I had in the last 6 weeks, so although I didn’t lose a lot of weight, (she still lost 7.5lbs and was by far the smallest in the group! John) I felt the class kept me on track and helped me to cope with everything! 

I feel fitter, more toned and have more energy than I did at the start!  And – my husband says I feel great!!


I found the 6 weeks flew by! It was like having a personal trainer without the high cost.

I was delighted with the results of increased strength (from 5 push ups at the beginning to over 20 by week 6), improved fitness (feeling much fitter than before in camogie training) and weight loss (losing 11lbs!) and liked the way the training programme changed half way through. 

The food was the most difficult part but being part of small group meant that during the nutrition talks and after training we could ask questions and listen to other people. You take some solstice knowing someone else is going through the same thing. 

I was thrilled with the results and feel motivated to continue with the food and training programme. It is very much a lifestyle change.



Hi John
Firstly a sincere thanks to you and all the team at the Whitford L.E.A.N. Academy for your professionalism, courtesy and support.

I was very surprised at how fast the 6 weeks passed and while it was certainly challenging, it was also very enjoyable. I think the fact the group were always on time at 7am three mornings per week speaks for itself.
For me it was a relief to know that my level of fitness or lack of it would not interfere with the training of any other individual in the group.

I realised if I wanted to achieve my goal in becoming a healthier person the responsibly was mine. In other words if I didn’t give 100% the only person I would be cheating was myself and not any of the instructors as they gave their 100% to each class.
Yes, I was pleasantly surprised how my energy and fitness improved and the constant programme change ensured the class did not become repetitive.  

With a loss of just under 1 stone, I can walk at a much faster pace, although much remains to be done.
Knowledge on how to use the various machines and their benefits is a big plus. I have been a member of Club Whitford Leisure Centre previously and only ever became familiar with the bike and the treadmill and have subsequently lost interest.
I liked the idea of gradually changing our lifestyle with regard to food and alcohol. I think it’s a great idea not to consider the change in eating habits as a diet but a lifestyle change to healthier eating.  To be honest I was surprised at the weight loss as I really hadn’t been hungry during the six weeks, sticking to the variety of foods allowed.
I suppose now that the Academy has reached it conclusion the real challenge begins for me.....

If you are interested in becoming a member of Club Whitford or would like to learn more about personal training with L.E.A.N. Academy instructor John Weldon, call us on 053 91 40404 or email John directly at 

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