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If you would love the opportunity to make a lasting change in your life then read on....

As we leave winter behind us and head into spring how many people are also leaving behind their new year resolutions? How many diet and exercise plans have started to waiver or worse still, have gone completely?

This is normal for most people. They try to convince themselves that they want something and then give it a half assed effort every January. They think they want to change but when it comes to it they want something else more.  For example you either want six pack abs or you want junk food. You can rarely have both. (And I despise those very few that can!)

Now there are those out there that really do want to make a change. Those that are ready and willing to do what it takes regardless of the sacrifices. However they may lack the knowledge necessary to put the steps in place to get there.These are the people that would greatly benefit from a personal trainer to coach them and these are the people that, as a trainer, I love to work with.

I am going to give one such person the opportunity to make that change by offering you the chance to transform your body and your health for the better. 

I am giving away a 6 week BODY TRANSFORMATION package for FREE.

What you will get:

6 weeks of personal training. That is 3 training sessions per week with a trainer. We will be using the most up to date training methodologies and best exercises to get you in the greatest shape possible. The monetary value of this alone is over €600!

6 weeks access to the gym. When you are not training with me you will still have access to the facility

Nutritional advice. Your diet will be the hardest thing to change. I will help you to know not only what to eat and when but also how best to incorporate it around your lifestyle

Habit coaching. Forming new, improved habits is the key to maintaining your success.

Online support. You will be able to keep in contact with me via email any day of the week.

Most importantly – RESULTS! Very noticeable changes to your body in 6 weeks, GUARANTEED!

What I will need from you:

Make the time to train with me three times a week and to do another 2 sessions by yourself either in the gym or outdoors – NO EXCUSES!

Give up alcohol and processed foods for at least the first 14 days of the programme.

Agree that you must follow the 90% rule. That is, 90% of what you do from exercise to food intake must be done EXACTLY the way I tell you. The other 10% I can leave up to your own conscience.

Maintain 100% effort and positivity throughout the 6 weeks. Changing your body isn’t going to be easy, but if you give it everything you have got you will have a totally energising and completely rewarding experience.
These are the things that I will expect of you and if they sound too challenging, then unfortunately this offer is not for you. That is ok. You are not ready to make the change yet. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
However, if you really want to make a positive change and know you can commit to the above then you can take the first step today. All this week I will take applications via email:
So whether you want to lose the last few pounds to look good on the beach this summer or if you have bigger goals like losing 50 lbs and becoming healthy again then you should take this chance.

Please leave me a message about what you would like to achieve and why you think you deserve this opportunity.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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