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Weighloss tip - Its all about planning!

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This tip comes from Master RKC Dan John.

He talks about how people loose fat simply by eating 3 apples a day. It works because the apples replace less healthy calorie dense foods. So lets say a person hears this advice and decides to eat 3 apples a day for the next 7 days. Thats when Dan says have you 21 apples in your house right now??? The point is brilliantly simple. A plan is a great thing, but being prepared to execute the plan is even more important. Thats where it pays to understand the magic of tubberware. Dr John Berardi followsw up with ''i've found most people successful in changing their body tend to pre plan their meals. Sure the tubberware toting gym goer is a bit of a cliche but the cliche exists for a reason. I am however in no way saying eat 21 apples a week it is just an example.

Take home lesson make meals in advance and stock your kitchen with foods you need to stick to your diet plan.

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