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L.E.A.N. Academy Day 22

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We are currently half way through the L.E.A.N. Academy and the group are really flying. They finished off week three with a yoga and meditation session outside on Saturday morning, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed :-)

A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Being lean and toned is great but you should also be supple and flexible too. This can help you steer clear of injuries, pains and aches. As well as this, meditation and yoga can aid in the reduction of chronic stress. The less stressed you are the better. Not only from a results point of view, but a health one too!

So on to week 4 we go and just as the members are getting used to their programme it is time to change it. These changes don't have to be big but are very important to stop results from stalling and keep the body making progress.

Some people fall into the trap of doing the same thing over and over for months, even years, on end. They wonder why they are not seeing any progress. The truth is that their bodies have adapted to what they are doing and are now so efficient at performing these exercises that they no longer need to make any more changes. Your body will only adapt if it needs to, so they need to put more demand on it by doing something different. For example if you always do 30 mins of cardio at a steady pace try doing some sprint intervals for 15 mins instead. Not only will you get a much more effective workout but you will also spend only half the time doing it! 

On the other hand you have some people who will chop and change programme from day to day, never performing the same routine at all. This may sound like it should make sense, as doing the same thing for a long time is not good, however this is not the case. You must put your body under the same types of stress for a certain period before it will optimally adapt. For example train the same programme 2-3 times a week for 2-3 weeks and then make a change.

It is very individual as to how long a workout will be effective for each person but the general rule for someone who has been training a while is about 6 workouts.

As you can see then, the trick is to find the balance between doing something too much and doing it too little. A good coach can help you with this and, while the L.E.A.N. group might wonder why they are changing what they were just starting to get good at, it is the best thing for them to do at this stage.

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For more information about getting your own coach please email: If you would like to try yoga then you can contact Denise through the club. 

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