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How to Be a Positive Person

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How to Be a Positive Person, in Under 300 Words

By Leo Babauta 

I’m a pretty positive person — I consider it one ofthe keys to the modest success I’ve had in creating new habits and achievingthings in the last few years.

Icouldn’t have run three marathons without a positive mindset, nor created ZenHabits, mnmlist,or The Power of Less. I couldn’t have lost 50 lbs., quit smoking, eliminated my debt or quit my day job. 

Positive thinking, as trite as it seems, haschanged my life.

I’m not going to sell you on it, but if you’reinterested, here’s the condensed guide to changing your own life:

- Realizeit’s possible, instead of telling yourself why you can’t.
- Become aware of your self-talk.
- Squash negative thoughts like a bug.
- Replace them with positive thoughts.
- Love what you have 
- Be grateful
 for your life, your gifts, and other people. Every day. 
- Focus on what you have, not on what you haven’t.
- Don’t compare yourself 
to others. But be inspired by them.
- Accept criticism with grace. But ignore the naysayers.
- See bad things as a blessing in disguise.
- See failure as a stepping stone
 to success.
- Surround yourself by those who are positive.
- Complain less, smile more.
- Image that you’re already positive. 
Then become that person in your next act.

Focus on this habit first, and you’ll have a mucheasier time with any other.

‘A positive attitude may not solveall your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth theeffort.’ ~Herm Albright


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