Team Whitford - Together but Apart.

Posted on: 2020-05-01 13:38:19Meet the person behind the uniform

In our daily work lives we each wear our uniform to exude professionalism, it clearly identifies us as part of a Team. However, we don't see the personality or the family behind the image that is being portrayed. In these times of great challenge we are acutely aware of the families and the sacrifices that our front liners are making for us on a daily basis. we are deeply humbled by their efforts, we will be forever grateful. Thank you sincerely from all our Team at Whitford we will stay home to help protect each other.

Our team are the very cornerstone of our success, our work family, we miss them and we miss you. Now in these extraordinary times as we stay connected in a slightly different way we introduce you to the personality behind the Whitford uniform! Here's a little message from Eilish & Val

Hi everyone,

Our personal glimmer of light was our little nephew Ralphie Whitty born 2 months premature and weighing in at a mighty 4lbs 8oz, he was permitted to leave hospital on the day that we temporarily closed the doors on Whitford, it was a real day of mixed emotions. 8 weeks later we have still not met him, lots of videos, mobile phone images but no physical contact, we will allow him to grow and get strong while we stay safe in the sanctuary of our respective homes. There will be celebrations, there will be family gatherings of that I have no doubt. Life is precious, enjoy it, appreciate your family, hold them close (even if it only virtual). So we will take Ralphie’s advice to quarantine and chill.
Eilish & Val Xx


Eilish Whitty Val Stafford

Ralphie Whitty












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